2 Affordable Video Marketing Ideas for Small and Startup Businesses

Marketing Ideas

Developing a viable business idea and launching it are the initial steps to joining the entrepreneurs’ squad. However, they do not promise you a smooth flow in the marketplace. As you know, you need sales to benefit from your idea.

 For this reason, driving sales is not an option but a basic necessity for any business. The anchor of moving sales is marketing. You need to create awareness about your products in the market and give reasons why customers should consider it in place of your competitor offers. Nevertheless, marketing is not a free affair. You have to invest both money and time.

For small and startup businesses, marketing is not a Friday night out. Most of them struggle in establishing their brand and budgetary constraints. As such, one reason you are reading this article is to find ideas to help you succeed in marketing your business as a startup or small business owner. Here are two affordable video marketing ideas:

Creating product videos on YouTube

As the world enters the era of video content, YouTube is becoming an essential part of business marketing. The good thing is that you need not have to pay to own a YouTube channel. All you need is a Gmail account, and you will be good to go. Notably, you do not have to invest in purchasing great cameras. You can use your smartphone camera to create a winning product video that will help you drive sales and get reviews from the viewers.

Offering webinars on social media or YouTube

As an upcoming entrepreneur in this era, you are already aware that social media is a basic business tool. So, it is certain you have a social media page for your business. If you do not have enough capital for paid marketing campaigns, you can utilize the video feature available on the social media.

For instance, you can run a Facebook live webinar to educate your followers and peers about your products. Alternatively, you can go live on YouTube and inform the audience about the feature and why your products are the best. Either of this option is free, and your videos will be available for a longer period after the event. Hence, people can continue watching them when in need of more information. Importantly, the webinar and live videos give you an opportunity to interact with your customers and to answer their questions one on one.

Final thoughts

In a word, if you have already launched your business idea, it is now time to market your enterprise. The above two video marketing ideas can help you to reach potential customers when revenue is the main challenge in your startup.


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